Stage 2

Expected Title: October 2023
Expected Title: October 2023
In Progress
The ground is levelled and shaped with earthmoving machinery to match lot designs, and retaining walls (if any) are constructed.
Sewer & Drainage
Every lot is safely connected to the community’s waste and water systems.
Road Boxing, Curb & Channel
The ground is prepared for road construction and guttering (curb and channel), and water and gas mains are installed.
Electrical & Communication
Trenches are dug to run electrical and telecommunications cabling and wiring, including power, phones and the internet.
Footpaths & Asphalt
The ground is prepared for footpaths, topsoil placed for nature strips and asphalt laid for roads.
Practical Completion
Practical completion confirms the completion of construction works and means you’re almost ready for handover and to begin building your new home.
Statement of Compliance
The Council and Service Authority conduct final inspections of the services and assets throughout the stage including water, power, internet and so on. The Statement of Compliance is then granted, meaning all requirements have been satisfied.
Titles Office and Settlement
Each lot within the Stage is registered at the Titles Office, after which settlement can occur and you can start building your dream home.