Discover the Benefits of Titled Land at Harlow Tarneit

Are you ready to turn your dream home into a reality? With titled land now selling and ready to build on at Harlow Tarneit, you can call our thriving community your home sooner.

Discover the Benefits of Titled Land at Harlow Tarneit

Plus, for a limited time, enjoy a generous $20,000 off with our exclusive titled land rebate!*

What is Titled Land?


Titled land is the key to unlocking a streamlined and efficient path into the property market. When land is titled, it means that the land has been awarded a Certificate of Title, which is then documented with the land registry of Victoria.

This documentation establishes the boundaries of the land and confirms that the landowner has exclusive rights to own, occupy and transfer the ownership of the property.

The Benefits of Titled Land


1. Speedy Approvals Process: Titled land means your approval process can kick off immediately. No delays, no uncertainty – just a clear pathway to your dream home.

2. Quick Ownership: Since the land is already registered, you can take ownership swiftly and efficiently.

3. Faster Build Time: With the title cleared, your builders can jump right in. Enjoy a quicker build and less wait time, depending on your builder’s workload.

4. Smooth Licensing Process: Securing a building license is a breeze with titled land. No need for a bank valuation – approvals can start right away.

5. $20K Off Titled Land Rebate: Act now to secure your titled land at Harlow Tarneit and enjoy the added benefit of a $20,000 rebate! It’s the perfect incentive to make your dream home a reality.

Titled vs. Untitled: The Time Factor


At the end of the day, the choice between titled and untitled land comes down to time. If you’re eager to start building without the wait, titled land is your answer. However, if you prefer more time to save and perfect every detail with your builder, untitled land offers that extra wiggle room. Fortunately, we have plenty of both to choose from at Harlow!

Make 2024 the year you build your dream home or investment; exclusive titled lots are waiting for you at Harlow!

Enquire now to secure your perfect lot or contact our sales team today to become a part of the vibrant Harlow Tarneit community.

*Subject to availability.