Home Design Trends to Look Out For in 2024

As many future Harlow residents begin to plan and build their new homes in our Tarneit community, there are a wide variety of styles to take inspiration from.

Home Design Trends to Look Out For in 2024

In 2024 it seems home design fever has hit new heights…

Now more than ever, design ideas, home DIY information and #interiordesigninspo is available at record levels and easily accessible by anyone.

This is fantastic of course for anyone embarking on a home building journey in 2024! So, let’s look at some of the standout interior design trends to watch this year.

The Japandi Aesthetic


You might have spotted this style featured heavily on last year’s season of The Block and it’s set to stick around!

This fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity is the perfect combo of aesthetics and functionality. With clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and emphasis on natural materials, Japandi design is all about creating a serene and uncluttered environment.

You can easily incorporate Japandi interior style into your home whether you’re building from scratch, renovating or just restyling. Look for materials with natural texture like timber, stone and soft linen, and opt for low-line furniture for a relaxed, peaceful vibe.

Modern Mediterranean


Create your very own slice of European summer at home! For a modern take on Mediterranean think terracotta tiles, archways, plaster walls and fluted cabinetry.

The appeal of this aesthetic comes from its simple, organic neutral style dominated by whites, creams and warm peachy tones, which suits a variety of homes and relaxed interior design styles.

What adds that extra special touch is the combination of materials like smooth plaster next to handmade textured tiles and rattan feature lighting; each adding character, classic colour and uncomplicated style, to create a Modern Mediterranean home aesthetic.


Soft Curves


This organic and beautiful design trend has enjoyed an extended period in the spotlight over the last couple of years and will continue to feature highly in 2024!

Incorporating curves in any space — from your kitchen and bathroom to living spaces, results in a more relaxed aesthetic and instantly makes homes feel more comfortable and Zen. And if you can’t incorporate them into your home’s architecture, you can still embrace the trend by installing curved furniture and décor pieces, such as arched mirrors.

Smart Homes

It’s not just the look of our homes getting an upgrade in 2024, but the way we live in them too!

Recent advances in AI, robotics and home technology are making our interior environments and the world we live in ‘smarter’. These technological advances will continue to level up and make their way into our home and building designs, especially when it comes to integration that streamlines home management and chores.

Keep an eye out for more fully integrated smart home tech, from speakers to control devices and lighting in every room to touchless doorbells, high-tech home workouts and fridges that sense you’re low on milk and add it to your digital shopping list!

Natural Stone and Porcelain Benchtops


For years, engineered stone benchtops have been one of the most utilised and cost-effective stone options in the interior design and building industry.

Recently, an Australia-wide ban means that 2024 will see builders, renovators and DIY design enthusiasts looking for benchtop alternatives. This will see the likes of porcelain and natural stone benchtops rise in popularity, while new engineered silica-free options will likely be developed over the coming years.

Porcelain benchtops and natural stone are both premium surfaces with a range of benefits. Porcelain is generally hardier, more stain and heat resistant of the two, while natural stone has the benefit of no two stone slabs being the same — so you can select the piece you love, with unique veining, texture and tone variations — allowing you to create a completely customised design.

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