Suburb Insights: The Evolution of Tarneit

Whether you’re a local already or considering moving to the West, there’s heaps to learn about our wonderful suburb of Tarneit!

Suburb Insights: The Evolution of Tarneit

Situated just 25 kilometres west of Melbourne, the dynamic suburb of Tarneit is fast becoming a beacon of growth within the City of Wyndham. Today, Tarneit is home to a diverse community of more than 56,000 residents, with that number only expected to grow in the near future. But prior to settlement back in the 1830s, it served as agricultural grazing land.

The meaning behind the name

It was in 1839–1840, during a surveying endeavour, that the name ‘Tarneit’ was given to the suburb. In the indigenous Wathaurong language, this means the colour white. Now, the reason behind this name is a bit of a mystery, but it was chosen by John Wedge, an early settler and John Batman’s trusty surveyor. It’s this linguistic link to ‘white’ that adds a touch of mystique to the suburb’s backstory.

A tapestry of cultures

Tarneit’s richness doesn’t stop at history. Recent years have seen a diverse population begin to flourish, including a significant number of people from India, China, the Philippines and more! This multicultural blend adds to the suburb’s vibrancy, weaving together a mosaic of cultures, traditions, and cuisines.

Paving the way for the future

The layout of Tarneit’s road network follows a square mile grid pattern that was originally planned and still serves as the foundation for the arterial road network in the area today. However, it’s crucial to note that large-scale residential development only took root in the 1990s. For much of its existence, Tarneit was a haven for agriculture.

Recent years have ushered in swift change, as urban sprawl transforms the landscape, with an estimated population exceeding 63,000 expected by 2031! This remarkable growth paints Tarneit as an increasingly coveted place to call home, with buyers flocking to new masterplanned communities like Harlow to build their family homes.

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