Why Your Next Home Should be a Townhome

If you’re dreaming about owning your own home, a townhome could be the perfect turnkey option!

Why Your Next Home Should be a Townhome

Homeownership is something we all strive to achieve. Having a place to call our own, that we can personalise to suit our individual tastes and will grow in value over the years, is hard-wired into our dreams.

But why buy a freestanding house if you can get everything you need in a townhome?

Achieve the dream sooner

A townhome is generally more affordable than a house. That means you can save your deposit faster and buy sooner, without necessarily compromising space. For instance, at Harlow, you can secure a 4-bedroom townhome from $554,990 in the Bianco Release with just a $10,000 deposit*!

Nothing to be done

Townhomes are often delivered as complete turnkey packages. That means all you have to do is open the door and move in – everything has been done for you, from appliances to fixtures and fittings.

With the Bianco Release, the experts at Nostra Homes have designed a series of architecturally inspired dwellings that exceed the industry standard, and yet remain attainable. High-quality materials, exceptional finishes and superb value are standard throughout, meaning you can have utmost peace of mind in your new home.

Easier to manage

One of the big attractions of townhome living is the absence of chores, like mowing the lawns, pruning and watering the garden, and all those pesky tasks that take time away from your family or what you’d rather be doing. If that low maintenance lifestyle appeals to you as a homeowner or landlord, then a townhome may be the perfect fit.

The convenience of location

Townhomes are often built in the best locations, close to shops, parks and all the amenities that make life enjoyable. Located within walking distance of everything Harlow has to offer, including future schools, parklands and open space, Bianco townhomes offer the kind of convenience you’d be hard-pressed to find in a house anywhere!

Townhomes make a lot of sense, and Bianco townhomes at Harlow are simply brilliant. For more information, or to find out if a townhome could be right for you, call our Sales Team on 0419 174 696 or register interest below. 

*Terms and conditions apply.