Back to Basics: What is a House and Land Package?

The term ‘house and land package’ seems pretty straightforward. But what does it mean exactly? What does it include? In this blog, we’re breaking down all the details.

Back to Basics: What is a House and Land Package?

What is a house and land package?

Put simply, a house and land package is when a buyer secures a block of land and the construction of a home in one process but two contracts. This allows the buyer to know the combined price of their home and land from the outset, making it a popular choice for many.

Upon the completion of the process, the buyer will have two separate contracts because they are purchasing from two different entities: one for the land and one for the home to be constructed.

What is included?

So, purchasing a house and land package includes buying a lot from a developer and a home design from your selected builder.

Now, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. For instance, you will no doubt have heard the term ‘standard inclusions’ mentioned. What is included as ‘standard’ may differ from builder to builder.

Standard inclusions will typically involve a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, electrical points, windows and doors, TV and phone points, stairs and the like. Many other interior design elements will cost extra, as will driveways, landscaping and fencing, in most cases.

Builders may also offer additional inclusions or upgrades depending on the price and style of the home. For example, it may include carpets and tiling throughout, stone kitchen benchtops or stainless steel appliances. All this will depend on the house and land package you purchase.

Other costs to consider

When buying an existing property, costs such as stamp duty are not included in the price when buying a house and land package.

Another important element not to forget during the purchase of your house and land package: is your conveyancer! All buyers need to appoint a legal representative to act as a liaison between the developer and the builder, as with all property purchases, to ensure council and regulatory requirements are met.

Finally, when your home is built, essential services will need to be connected. This will include electricity, water, gas and internet. Every homeowner is responsible for contacting these utility providers and arranging connection to their home.

This last bit is super important! Once a buyer becomes the owner of their land, they are responsible for maintaining it, which includes keeping it clear from rubbish, debris, excessive or overgrown weeds and other unpleasant things. So, whether you yourself or a designated party look after it, it’s important to look after your block as you eagerly await your home being built.

We hope this makes the ins and outs of a house and land package crystal clear, and perhaps gets you excited to purchase your very own! If you’d like to explore the wide variety available at Harlow, you can explore them here.